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The Ghost Ship of Trinity Bay

The story of the Welsh Marie Celeste

In August 1884, a Royal Navy warship found a merchant ship abandoned off the coast of Newfoundland, floating and undamaged. The crew were never seen again. The story came to be known as the Welsh Marie Celeste, after the famous ship found deserted in the mid-Atlantic twelve years before. The captain of the Welsh ship, the Resolven, was my great-grandfather and I’ve been looking for answers to this mystery for eight years. The search has taken me from West Wales to a remote village in Newfoundland…     Read the full story here


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Will Wain Editorial Services

As an editor, I offer a manuscript reading service and substantive editing. For scripts nearer to publication, I can also undertake copyediting and grammar checks. Contact me for further details.

Editorial Services – more here

Will Wain: About Me

I grew up in Oxford and have had longer or shorter periods in London, France, and South Wales. Now based in Snowdonia with links to Oxford and London.

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Semana Santa

Chris Clunn’s classic study of the Holy Week celebrations in El Cabanyul, Valencia. Available in hardback here.

Semana Santa Marinera is the biggest event of the year in Valencia’s Maritime quarters. Dating back hundreds of years, it is a fiesta grande and a spectacle like no other, based on the Passion, the death and the resurrection of Christ. Renowned British Photographer Chris Clunn spent six years documenting this unique Holy Week with his analogue Rolleiflex and Hasselblad film cameras. The result is this beautiful, evocative study and moving tribute to the people of the Maritime.

Brian Waltham’s Maritime Thriller C.H.A.S.E.

From a review of the book:

C.H.A.S.E. is not merely a thrilling novel. It is full of thoughtful insights into the hows and whys of maritime fraud, and the compromises which may have to be made when countering it. The author’s long experience in sniffing out and stymying such frauds gives this gripping and colourful tale an unsurpassed authenticity. Highly recommended!

C.H.A.S.E. was written in the 1980s by Brian Waltham, poet and maritime lawyer. The book was highly regarded by his literary agent, but failed to find a publisher at the time. Now printed and available in hardback for the first time.

Damian Knight’s Shadows of the Future

A great climactic ending to Damian Knight’s ‘The Pages of Time’ series for young adults. I am very pleased to have worked on this project throughout, and followed the adventures of Sam Rayner in time and space.

Shadows of the Future is available in paperback and Kindle editions here

Accosted by a scruffy and seemingly delusional stranger who makes terrifying predictions about the end of the world, Sam tries to brush the incident aside. But events unfolding thousands of miles away threaten not just his happiness, but humanity’s very existence.

The year couldn’t have started out much better. Sam is settled in his new home, his family’s money problems are a thing of the past and, best of all, he’s dating Eva, the girl of his dreams. But old enemies as well as old friends from another timeline are looking for him, and the future of humanity may depend on who reaches him first.

Who can he trust, and who is really behind the manmade disease sweeping across the globe? Finding answers may just help him to save his loved ones, stranded on another continent, and defeat the terrorists who are planning a sinister new world order.

The clock is ticking. Will Sam risk everything and learn to turn the pages of time again?