As an editor, I offer a manuscript reading service and substantive editing. For scripts nearer to publication, I can also undertake copyediting and proofreading. Contact me for further details.

I am working on a book about the Welsh Mary Celeste. More about this story on this website. See also links to Facebook and Instagram feeds.

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I grew up in Oxford and have had longer or shorter periods living there and in London, France, and South Wales. Now based in Snowdonia with links to Oxford and London.

I offer a range of editorial services:

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The story of the Welsh Marie Celeste: the Ghost Ship of Trinity Bay

In August 1884, a Royal Navy warship found a merchant ship abandoned off the coast of Newfoundland, floating and undamaged. The crew were never seen again. The story came to be known as the Welsh Marie Celeste, after the famous ship found deserted in the mid-Atlantic twelve years before. The captain of the Welsh ship, the Resolven, was my great-grandfather and I’ve been looking for answers to this mystery for eight years. The search has taken me from West Wales to a remote village in Newfoundland. Read more on the link below

Work in progress on the Welsh Marie Celeste